Statement from the Board

VetSec’s Board believes an official statement is required in light of the current events in the United States. All of our US and Allied service members dedicated some portion of their life in service to their country.  This occurred at the expense of commitments to their families, quality of life, personal safety, and numerous other

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VetSec Announces New eLearnSecurity Winners!


One week ago we were able to announce our partnership with the amazing team at eLearnSecurity. The eLearnSecurity team offered ten VetSec members access to their PTS course. This provided a unique opportunity for our members to grow and one we are very thankful for. Our PTS winners have been working hard and enjoying the course! This

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b33rbrain’s eLearnSecurity PTSV4 Wild Adventures Part 1

Appreciate! eLearnSecurity was kind enough to offer some VetSec members access to their Penetration Testing Student V4 elite class. I’m one such lucky recipient! My motivation for learning more about pen testing ranges from the lulz to a masochistic appreciation of stumbling around blindfolded while playing a game of catch the bits. Why would eLearnSecurity

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