Breaking Into Cybersecurity – Entry Level SOC Analyst Mock Interview ft. George “Cage” Vernon Jr.

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We at VeteranSec have launched a new video for those hoping to break into cybersecurity. We performed a mock interview with a close friend, Cage Vernon, who is looking to break into cyber as a SOC analyst. Cage had no previous knowledge of the questions that I was going to ask. He was subjected to an interview and provided feedback along the way as well as at the end of the interview.

We hope this audio/video benefits those looking to see what a real interviewer might ask for a SOC position We are also seeking others who might be interested in being interviewed for other types of roles in the cyber industry. Our goal is not only to improve your interviewing skills, but to also provide a video that recruiters and HR can see.

Recruiters and/or those looking to fill a SOC position, please do not hesitate to reach out to Cage or myself. Cage is motivated, intelligent, and hungry. I could not recommend him enough.

(Please forgive some of the video quality as Skype would not cooperate =/)

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