Well, it’s been a week since I started down the road of eLearnSecurity’s Penetration Testing Student course for the eJPT certification, and so far, so 

good! Taking the course has definitely opened my eyes up to some things I hadn’t thought about.

The first module, I must admit, left me a little confused – it was a shotgun of some different things, like a little bit about infosec, then crypto and VPNs, then a little bit of Wireshark, and finally a foray into binary, hexadecimal and ending up with binary operations.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect as I finished that module.

Since then, though, eLearnSecurity has done a great job teaching some concepts, and then leaving you with a tidbit about how the concept or tool applies to the role of penetration testing, always making me want to click next when I should be going to sleep.  They strike a unique balance so far between teaching you core concepts and encouraging you to research on your own, the labs always a little more difficult than I thought they’d be, which surprised me based on what I’d heard before I started.

There was a lab on Wireshark that taught some great foundations and showed some of the OSI model, followed by an awesome lab where you actually got to use Wireshark to exfiltrate data, which was super cool.  Finally, my first week wound down with some web application testing using PortSwigger’s Burp Suite.  I learned quite a bit here too, but this, so far, is the only spot where I was a little disappointed – the course assumes you are on a much older version than what is out today, and I wound up having to do my due diligence and learn a tool separately that would do the same thing.

The forums on eLearnSecurity’s website, however, were invaluable for helping me solve my frustrations here.  So far, the discord server and the forums have been a great help.

As I wound down the first section and my first week in the course, there was a discussion on the stages of ethical hacking.  This has only fueled my thirst more to keep going and get to the meat of the course.  I can’t wait!

About the Author

Actual_Tom is an Active Duty Navy Electronics Technician (Nuclear) Senior Chief Petty Officer. Currently stationed in the Pacific Northwest, he’s on his final shore duty before retirement, and is learning all he can to make his transition smooth into CyberSecurity.

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