It’s been a wild ride, VetSec. In the past sixty days, we’ve been proud to announce several additional benefits from some amazing sponsors, and today we’re proud to announce one more. I’d like to take a minute to discuss what the Board has been working on for the past two months, and what the benefits are that we’ve been able to secure for military veterans.

First, the recognition of our non-profit status from the team over at Slack greatly improves the ability of the community to provide mentorship and feedback to our membership.

Second, to help grow the company and continue to provide benefits, we’ve secured $3,500 annually in Microsoft Azure credits, along with $10,000 in Google Advertising credits on a monthly basis.

Third, we’ve begun initial planning for VetSecCon 2020, with a goal to bring more training value to both transitioning military and experience infosec vets as well, with speakers from both in and outside of VetSec.

  • We’re looking at a two-day event, with three tracks of lectures.
  • Track 1: Active & newly transitioned; mental health, VA benefit navigation, linkedin, resumes, job interviews, etc.
  • Track 2: Infosec. ALL ABOUT Infosec from the technical side of the house.
  • Track 3: Human issues in Infosec. Ranging from mental health to other issues that we face due to technology, or ways we can help society with infosec.

Fourth, in direct tangible benefits to our members, we’ve awarded:

  • 5 seats for training on Yara by the GReAT team over at Kaspersky.
  • Pairing members who have transitioned with a reporter at Cyber.Media to share their stories.
  • Today we are awarding 4, 1 month-subscriptions to CyberSecLabs for people interested in getting their feet wet in penetration testing. An application link is available via the announcement in Slack for all veterans to apply.

Finally, our big announcement today is a bit unique. Thanks to sponsorships from CyberSecLabs and from the awesome team over at Offensive Security, we are creating the first Veteran Security Scholarship. This is open to all Veteran Security members, targeted to those interested in pursuing an entry-level position in penetration testing.

The two awardees for the scholarship this year will receive:

  • A three-month voucher to CyberSecLabs.
  • A 30-day Penetration Testing with Kali Linux course, with an Offensive Security Certified Professional examination attempt.

This will be a rigorous course to take to successfully complete the OSCP, and the offering from CyberSecLabs is paired with the course to provide additional preparation for someone ready to hit the ground running.

As such, our application process will be a bit unique. There is a practical portion and an application. The link to the practical portion will be shared in the Slack. After that, it’s up to you to find your way through the challenge. The Board is excited to hear how each of you progress!

In exchange for the scholarship, recipients will be required to provide a review of the CyberSecLabs platform, a review of the PWK/OSCP, and a specific review on how CyberSecLabs prepares someone for the OSCP.

We look forward to seeing the applications roll in, and will make a final decision on our two awardees by October 1st! Good luck!

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