This is it, here we go! The Board at VetSec, Inc. is super excited to launch VetSecCon 2020! We’re 58 days out right now, and there’s still a ton of work to do, from finalizing platform decisions to filling out our speaking tracks and sponsors, but we can’t believe how far we’ve come already.

Visit VetSecCon at .

The current cybersecurity workforce gap in the United States is nearly 500,000. The global gap is over 4 million. Largely due to changes in technology, this gap needs to be filled.

The factors most heavily affecting unemployment among military veterans are:

  1. The challenge of translating military work experience into civilian terms.
  2. Certification hurdles including licensing requirements.
  3. Disabilities such as post-traumatic stress disorder.

Our mission seeks to help marry the veteran unemployment figures to the gap in cybersecurity. Our mentors help our members review and revise their resumes, our donors and sponsors help our members overcome those certification hurdles, and as the ONLY veteran-only non-profit, our members support each other’s mental health in ways only veterans can, calling on professionals to lend a hand when needed as well.

Come, donate, register, speak, and support military veterans. Imagine a world where no veteran pursuing information security goes unemployed. With your help, we can achieve our dreams.

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