As part of a push to help our members transition to jobs in the information security industry, VetSec is thankful and proud to announce sponsorship by Virtual Hacking Labs today.

Virtual Hacking Labs is a Netherlands-based InfoSec e-learning company focusing on practical penetration testing training solutions. Their penetration testing course comes with access to their online courseware, a 350+ page PDF, and over 40 custom hosts in the lab to practice skills on. VetSec is the first organization that VHL has sponsored.

Today we are announcing our entry into a long-term partnership with Virtual Hacking Labs. The team there is extremely supportive of the mission that VetSec is pursuing, to support veteran and active duty members of the military in infosec.

To start, VHL will reserve two seats per month for VetSec community members with full access to the VHL Penetration Testing Course, through the end of 2020. Additionally, all VetSec members are eligible for a 10% discount for VetSec members only. This discount is good for a 10% discount on their three month-membership, normally priced at $249.

VetSec is honoured to begin this partnership and is extremely grateful to the team at Virtual Hacking Labs for the work they’ve done and their support of our mission. We look forward to continuing our work to provide resources for our membership!


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