About Us

Welcome to Veteran Security! We are a small, veteran community that focuses on networking with other veterans in the IT world as well as helping those that are currently transitioning out of the military and looking into the IT career field.  Our community is open to veterans of any country.  Currently, we offer:

  • A Slack channel, which allows veterans in any IT field to network with each other.
  • Free training videos, focused on ethical hacking.
  • A cybersecurity blog.

Our community, training, and services are, and always will be, 100% free.

Who We Are

Ryan “IraqNoPhobia” Edmondson twitter_thumb

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Hi everyone My name is Ryan Edmondson, A.K.A. IraqNoPhobia. I am OSCP, OSWP, MCSA certified, and currently, hold too many CompTIA certifications.

By my handle, I am guessing you can figure out where I got that idea from.  I proudly served in the United States Army as an 11B (Infantry) and in the Operation Iraqi Freedom campaign.

I received my Bachelor’s degree in Network Administration and Security from Strayer University.  After honorably leaving the U.S. Army, I chose to embark on a career in Information Technology. I worked as a network engineer, systems administrator and technical team lead.

However, I enjoyed not only setting things up, configuring them, and making them work.  But, I found I also enjoyed taking them apart, understanding how it works and then exploiting or modifying it to see the underlying vulnerabilities.

I currently work in the field a Senior Penetration Tester. It is normal to find me constantly researching the latest vulnerabilities and tools the cybersecurity community has to offer. I hope to pass knowledge and inspiration on to others who are interested in this field.

Heath “m4v3r1ck” Adams |m4v3r1ck.com  | LinkedIn | @hmaverickadams twitter_thumbYouTube-icon-small
Hi everyone.  My name is Heath Maverick Adams, A.K.A. m4v3r1ck. I am OSCP, OSWP, CEH (shh), CCNA, and too many CompTIA’s certified.

I proudly served in the United States Army as a 68E (Dental Specialist) and later a 70B (Health Administration Officer).

Before the Army, I received my undergraduate degree in accounting, but was never happy in the field.  Knowing I needed change, I went back to school and got my masters in information systems.  During graduate school, I worked as a graduate assistant doing basic help desk work.  Once I graduated, I continued working my way up by doing help desk, network administration, and eventually as a senior network engineer for Sandia National Labs.  My passion for security has led me into red teaming and penetration testing, where I currently hold a senior role in the field.

I love teaching people about cyber security and have taught online cyber security/penetration testing courses previously.  My goal is to use our blog to continue those teaching efforts and encourage more people to join the cyber field.

Elliot “Emtuls” Chernofsky | Github | LinkedIn @emtuls twitter_thumb


Hey all. I’m Elliot Chernofsky and I go by ‘Emtuls’ in most places online. I have a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering and am currently working on my Masters in Computer Science. Although I am not a big fan of certifications, I do have my fair share of them, such as: CISSP, CCNA, CEH, and a few CompTIA certs.

For my military career, I have served and am still currently serving in the Air National Guard as a prior 3D1X1 (client systems/networking), but now currently as a 1B4X1 doing offensive cyber stuff.

I joined the military while in college for my undergrad in EE, at the University of South Florida. I stumbled upon my passion of Cybersecurity while in my senior year and have since begun working on a Masters in CS at Georgia Tech (transferred from Johns Hopkins), while working full time as a Vulnerability Researcher for Raytheon.

My passion lies in the realm of reverse engineering and exploitation development, although I’ve done bits of emulation and tool development. I look to help others get into this growing field and to help them learn about the different possibilities that exist while expanding my own knowledge to better myself.

Reuben “reubadoob” BookerGithubLinkedIn@reubadoob twitter_thumb


My name is Reuben “reubadoob” Booker. I am husband, father, brother and collector of meaningless abbreviations AKA certificates including CISSP, GISP, CASP, CySA+ and SEC+. Gotta catch `em all!

I served in America’s Guard of Honor THE 82ND Airborne Division from 2009 -2015 as Transportation Officer (88AP). During my service I deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom from 2009 -2010 where I jumped out of plane because….

Before the Army I thought I was going to be the next Scorsese of music videos and earned my BA in Film & Video Production from the University of Memphis. GO TIGERS! The Army didn’t really care for my skills behind the camera or making the greatest music video of all time :persevere:. After leaving the Army I tried to make a square peg fit in a round hole before I realized my calling was the blinking line of a command prompt. I would then change careers to in less than a year to information/cyber security.

Currently I work as Cyber Analyst for Nike’s Cyber Defense Center and am studying for some more abbreviations (OSCP). I enjoy helping other veterans transition into the IT space and gifs. Not in that particular order.