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Welcome to Veteran Security (VetSec)! Founded in February of 2018, we are a non-profit consisting of an ever-growing veteran community that focuses on networking with other veterans in the IT and Cyber Security world as well as helping those that are currently transitioning out of the military and looking into these career fields. Our community is open to active serving and military veterans of the US and allied nations. Currently, we offer:

  • A Slack channel with over 1,800 members, which allows veterans in any IT or cybersecurity field to network with each other.
  • Free training videos, focused on ethical hacking.
  • A Cyber Security blog with tutorials on a wide variety of topics.

Our community, training, and services are, and always will be, 100% free.
If you would like to make a contribution to our cause, we have set up a Patreon just for that! Thank you for your support!

Who We Are

Board of Directors


Tom Marsland | Website | LinkedIn@tmarsland 

Board Chair

Active US Navy Nuclear Electronics Technician, served on USS Key West (SSN 722), USS Georgia (SSGN 729), and USS Connecticut.  Currently serving as the Engineering Department Master Chief for Submarine Development Squadron Five.

I’ve been interested in Cyber Security my whole career and am preparing myself for retirement from the US Navy and my transition into the civilian sector.  I placed in the top 2% of competitors at the SANS Cyber FastTrack CTF competition and am completing a Master of Science in Cybersecurity, along with various industry certifications.

During my time on the board, it’s my goal to improve communication from the board to the members, formalize existing processes, and provide more training opportunities for our members, while making VetSec a well-known name for helping veterans.

Dallas Moore |

Board Vice-Chair

Dallas has over 10 years experience in Cybersecurity Operations, having held roles as an Incident Responder, Threat Hunter, and Threat Intelligence Analyst. He has an M.S. in Information Technology/Information Security as well as a plethora of industry certification.

Prior to working in Cybersecurity, Dallas served for 4 years in the United States Air Force as a Contracting Officer (AFSC 6C0X1) where he bought things large and small for the Air Force to use. After getting out, Dallas worked for a year as a Contracts Manager at the Drug Enforcement Administration before transitioning to an IT/InfoSec role.

Organizations such as VetSec are critical in helping Veterans realize their personal and career goals by assisting them with switching careers, providing peer-to-peer mentorship, and providing support. While my time in uniform was short, I feel an enormous debt of gratitude to past and present service members and have a passion for helping them break in to the Cybersecurity industry and grow as practitioners and technologists.

Jose “Harlequin” Mejia |

Board Treasurer

Jake “j2k3k” Knowlton | GithubLinkedIn@j2k3k

Board Secretary

Former USAF Airborne Systems Engineer (1A3) that flew on the RC/OC-135 ISR platforms.

I have had a lifelong curiosity in information security, with the past ten years in various IT, infosec, or technical roles. I am currently a Consultant.

VetSec was critical to my transition from an active duty career into the civilian career I desired. The mentorship, career guidance, and companionship from people who get it put me on the path for success right away. Now, it’s my turn to give back. The growth of VetSec is my primary concern, along with helping the board mold the organization into a place where Vets can feel at home.

Mike Bishop |

Board At-Large

Prior Board members

Jack “jack-robs” Robertson | GithubLinkedIn@jack_x00

Bea “0xbea” Zhang | GithubLinkedIn@0xbea

Tom “ginger_hax” Williams| Website | LinkedIn @ginger_hax

Brennan “rottenstorm” Pace | GithubLinkedIn@rottenstorm

Scott “h4zegrey” Farber | GithubLinkedIn@h4zegrey

Chad “danger__rat” Boyd | GithubLinkedIn@danger__rat

Heather “infosecanon” Lawrence | GithubLinkedIn@infosecanon

Jake “j2k3k” Knowlton | GithubLinkedIn@j2k3k

Elliot “Emtuls” Chernofsky| Website | Github | LinkedIn @emtuls


Heath “m4v3r1ck” Adams | YouTube | LinkedIn | @thecybermentor


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