Author: m4v3r1ck

Opinion: It’s Time to Move on from Offensive Security Certifications

Introduction For years, Offensive Security (OffSec) certifications have been held as one of the gold standards in the ethical hacking/penetration testing community.  Their certification exams have been praised for their difficulty and their “real-world” feel as testers are required to hack to gain their certification instead of the traditional multiple choice test.  Having an OffSec

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VetSec Takes First in the Hacktober CTF: Summary & Steganography Write-up!

For the last week, VetSec competed in the CTF event, which consisted of challenges in forensics, steganography, programming, offensive tactics, web application, reverse engineering, cryptography, and more.  I am happy to announce that WE WON! Our team consisted of the following members: Elliot Chernofsky (@emtuls) Reuben Booker (@reubadoob) Rob Fuller (@mubix) Myself (@hmaverickadams) The

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Breaking Into Cybersecurity – Entry Level SOC Analyst Mock Interview ft. George “Cage” Vernon Jr.

We at VeteranSec have launched a new video for those hoping to break into cybersecurity. We performed a mock interview with a close friend, Cage Vernon, who is looking to break into cyber as a SOC analyst. Cage had no previous knowledge of the questions that I was going to ask. He was subjected to

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