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Breaking Into Cybersecurity – Entry Level SOC Analyst Mock Interview ft. George “Cage” Vernon Jr.

We at VeteranSec have launched a new video for those hoping to break into cybersecurity. We performed a mock interview with a close friend, Cage Vernon, who is looking to break into cyber as a SOC analyst. Cage had no previous knowledge of the questions that I was going to ask. He was subjected to

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WiFi Hacking – Wardriving with an Android Phone and Raspberry Pi 3

Introduction: This article is intended for anyone interested in the concept of wardriving. We will cover a written, how to, setup tutorial that will walk you through the hardware and tools needed to successfully perform wardriving. There is also a video tutorial that shows wardriving in action. The written section is meant to be more

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How I Landed My First InfoSec Job in a Competitive Market: Advice and Takeaways

Introduction: Hello! I’m writing this article to share my experiences in finding my first job in cyber security. More specifically, my first job in penetration testing. I wanted to share my experiences in hopes of motivating others who want to come into the cyber security field or already are applying to jobs in the field,

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