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Statement from the Board

VetSec’s Board believes an official statement is required in light of the current events in the United States. All of our US and Allied service members dedicated some portion of their life in service to their country.  This occurred at the expense of commitments to their families, quality of life, personal safety, and numerous other

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VetSec Takes First in the Hacktober CTF: Summary & Steganography Write-up!

For the last week, VetSec competed in the CTF event, which consisted of challenges in forensics, steganography, programming, offensive tactics, web application, reverse engineering, cryptography, and more.  I am happy to announce that WE WON! Our team consisted of the following members: Elliot Chernofsky (@emtuls) Reuben Booker (@reubadoob) Rob Fuller (@mubix) Myself (@hmaverickadams) The

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How I Landed My First InfoSec Job in a Competitive Market: Advice and Takeaways

Introduction: Hello! I’m writing this article to share my experiences in finding my first job in cyber security. More specifically, my first job in penetration testing. I wanted to share my experiences in hopes of motivating others who want to come into the cyber security field or already are applying to jobs in the field,

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