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VetSec Announces New eLearnSecurity Winners!


One week ago we were able to announce our partnership with the amazing team at eLearnSecurity. The eLearnSecurity team offered ten VetSec members access to their PTS course. This provided a unique opportunity for our members to grow and one we are very thankful for. Our PTS winners have been working hard and enjoying the course! This

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VeteranSec Announces Partnership with eLearnSecurity

VetSec is extremely excited to announce a partnership today with eLearnSecurity. In line with the mission of our non-profit to provide free or reduced training to our veterans or transitioning military, eLearnSecurity has graciously extended their Penetration Testing Student (PTS) course to 10 of our members. Over the following weeks, these VetSec members will be

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Review: SANS VetSuccess Academy

Introduction Cybersecurity is a growing field in high demand; however, many estimates predict a shortage of approximately 3.5 million qualified cybersecurity candidates by 2021. This shortage is leaving many companies vulnerable to data breaches, ransomware, and other cyber-attacks.  To address this shortage, the SANS Institute offers a program to help fill the impending cybersecurity skills

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